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To celebrate the launch of my new website & persona, extended and travel dates that include an activity listed on my Encounters page will have a discount for Summer 2023 only.

Please complete a booking form with all details and inquire for a bespoke rate.

Quebec & Ontario

Dinner & drinks﹒4-5 hours﹒$1,400

Tasting menu﹒6-7 hours﹒$1,800

Day dream﹒8-10 hours﹒$2,300

Overnight﹒14-16 hours﹒$3,200

A tryst﹒24 hours﹒$5,000

The lovers﹒48 hours﹒$7,500

Details for extended dates below.

Get to know me﹒3 hours﹒$1,150

A visit﹒2 hours﹒$800

Meet me﹒90 minutes﹒$600

Quickie﹒1 hour﹒$400

Canada & International

Dinner & drinks﹒4-5 hours﹒$1,650

Tasting menu﹒6-7 hours﹒$2,100

Day dream﹒8-10 hours﹒$2,650

Overnight﹒14-16 hours﹒$3,800

A tryst﹒24 hours﹒$6,000

The lovers﹒48 hours﹒$8,500

Details for extended dates below.

Get to know me﹒3 hours﹒$1,450

A visit﹒2 hours﹒$1,000

Meet me﹒90 minutes﹒$700

Quickie﹒1 hour﹒$500

To consider...

﹒Additional fees may apply for special requests.

﹒Longer dates have varied finishing times to avoid clock                       watching and to allow the date to end naturally.

﹒Kindly add an additional $100 per hour for couples. 

﹒Outcalls must be 2 hours or more to hotels 4 stars or higher.

﹒Dates over 3 hours must have refreshments and social time.

﹒Please visit my Encounters page for suggested dates                          with special arrangements.

Catch me if you can

In true Sagittarian fashion, I’m cursed with a need to stray and explore. Whether it be to accompany you for a dinner and a show or for a relaxing vacation together, I find any and all travel to be a thrill. I am especially fond of being your after-work reward on business trips.


I offer special rates for experiences and destinations I want to cross off my bucket list.

Visit my encounters page for details.


I require 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. For dates 48h and longer, I prefer separate rooms for privacy. Business or First class preferred for flights over 3 hours. Any travel dates will have a deposit of 20% plus all travel fees forwarded in order to confirm.

Rates are bespoke depending on length of trip, location, and other factors. Destinations that are on my bucket list or that strike me as particularly exciting will always be prioritized. 

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